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FORM - JJ Original Duplicate Triplicate Quadruplicate DELIVERY NOTE See rules 51 1 and 59 3 a and d for sales / stock transfer / works contract / labour TIN Asst. Period 1. a Name and address of the consignor c CST Registration No* branch / agent b TIN if any. 3. Address i from which goods are consigned* ii to which goods are consigned Description of goods consigned a Name of the goods. b Quantity or weight c Value of the goods Purpose of transport a for sale / purchase b for shipment c...
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.iii) Size (e) Description of defects and faults 6. Quantity of goods to be sent to the account of the consignee/agent (a) Name of the consignor (b) TIN (ii) C.H.R.O. 8. A description of the consignee / agent and his or her address (e) Name of the party paying for the goods at the time of consignment (f) Name of the seller / lessee / agent who pays the consignor for a sale made by him/her 7. Condition of consignor / agent / buyer (a) Condition (i) Description of goods (ii) Condition (iii) Price (iv) If any (v) If applicable (g) Any other requirements and comments of the buyer: 8.a: (1) As for the price (a) “as agreed upon”, (b) “as at the time of consignment”, or (c) “as agreed upon during the consignment” 9. If applicable (i) If the consignment is a sale of services or a purchase of services (ii) If the consignment is a sale of services, the consignee has to be the same person as the person who is the main contractor in such services for the consignee's company or branch etc. in addition to being the main contractor (iii) If the consignment is a purchase of services, the consignee has to be the same person as the person who is the main contractor in such services for the consignee's company or branch etc.

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Good morning dear friends you know very well our sales tax department they are introduced a new portal for a far since tax filing and other forms generations now we are going to talk about the magic form JT what is the use of JJ generally what sales we will do why we will transfer one place to another place under sales Tamil Nadu VAT at the class where we are classifying into two ends one is interstate transactions and the with interstate movement now previously in the previous portal they have asked us to enter only the industry now the department came to a system new system which asked us to end up even within a state so in the form JJ how we are going to generate from JJ that's what today we are going to learn now you need to log in to the portal new portal CTP and the govt I am in that portal after logging in you can find to authenticate for services there is a menu in the left-hand side so if you click that left-hand side you can find one — of men who call the authenticate / services you need to click it after that it will ask you transaction password you need the end of the transaction password then you can find some additional minutes after the entering the password and the validated then you will find a new other menus submitters under the submitted you can find e forms if you click the Ephraim it will ask you which form you want select from JJ whenever you are going to transfer your materials you are placed to some other place either within a state or outside the state you are to select it what are the documents you need generally you need there are three parts first part is you are going to talk about that we who are you into automatically do it so who is your party our partner to whom your go in descent from jet from JJ it's not only far outside movement if you select the within estate movement it will ask you or date also you can enter your data but if you type that number 10 number it will bring your address separately, so now you are going to enter your bias details then next level it will ask you which way to you are going to transfer in that there are more categories like if you send a fields or small person small consignment you are sending through courier you cannot enter the waiting number our driver that and what do you need to do is you need to select courier, and you are to say which company you are sitting and away the in charge and what is that telephone fine but if you are sending you are your one vehicle then you can enter easily whoa what is the number of driver and what is the vehicle number what are the other things you can handle there are certain part is like regular courier service or regular pass some services are regular transport services they have to register with the Department if you say have more way that the Department asked further my lady are ideal if you enter it the data automatically do everything, and then you need to enter about your invoice you say example I am having technicians for the same party...


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